Potty Training Our Puppy

Potty training… the topic everyone dreads when having a new Rottweiler puppy, or any puppy for that matter. It is really not that painful if you can commit a few weeks of nonstop attention. I know that is the hardest part since most people works more than two hours a day 🙂 Most important whenContinue reading “Potty Training Our Puppy”

Beware! Unsocialized Rottweiler

When I speak to potential Rottweiler customers on the phone and ask them what they plan to do with their Rottweiler or how their new Rottweiler is going to fit into their everyday lives with family, work, etc… 4 out of 5 times I will hear “There won’t be much change because I do notContinue reading “Beware! Unsocialized Rottweiler”

German vs American

Let’s start with the number one question asked; What is the difference between the German Rottweiler and the American Rottweiler? Before I even start answering this, if there is a German Rottweiler breed and an American Rottweiler breed, I would assume there is a Chinese Rottweiler breed, a Spanish Rottweiler breed, an African Rottweiler breed…Continue reading “German vs American”

The Misunderstood Runt

First, let’s understand that every litter does not have a runt. Now that we got that, we need to understand what exactly is a runt? To understand that, you have to understand how dogs breed. Let’s say a dog is bred on Monday, then again on Thursday, then again on Saturday. This is a totalContinue reading “The Misunderstood Runt”

The Dangers of Parvo

The next topic I want to touch is Parvovirus. It is very import to me that I educate all of my buyers on the dangers of the Parvovirus. After all, Rottweilers are more susceptible to Parvovirus than any other breed. If your family has decided to purchase a Rottweiler, you need to understand how theContinue reading “The Dangers of Parvo”

Is Shipping Safe?

Has your family just purchased a new puppy? Wondering if you should load up the family for a road trip or have your puppy shipped? Scared that a flight will be too stressful or traumatic for your puppy? It is important to understand your options before you make a decision. How does puppy shipping reallyContinue reading “Is Shipping Safe?”

Natural Tail vs. Docked Tail

To keep a tail or to dock a tail… that is the question. Breeders can debate over and over whether or not a Rottweiler should have a tail. There is no real answer to this question. People can prefer one or the other based on their lifestyle or purpose for their Rottweiler, but there isContinue reading “Natural Tail vs. Docked Tail”

Show Quality vs Pet Quality

Show quality vs. Pet quality… do you really know the difference? I get calls every day from people who say they are “ONLY” looking for a pet quality puppy. They tell me that they have no interest in showing or breeding, they simply want a pet quality. When I ask them what does “pet quality”Continue reading “Show Quality vs Pet Quality”

Buying A Puppy Out Of State

So you are ready for that new addition to your family; the beloved family dog. You start to read online literature about the breed of your choice. After a day of reading, you feel like an expert and begin to search for reputable breeders. The suspense of knowing this is becoming a reality makes youContinue reading “Buying A Puppy Out Of State”

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