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The Truth About Rottweilers!

Welcome everyone; I am Liz Gutierrez. My husband, Angel Gutierrez, has owned a Rottweiler kennel for the past 23 years named Der Korperkraft Von Rottweilers, better known as DKV Rottweilers. For those of you who are wondering, that translates to “The Physical Strength of Rottweilers” in English. We have spent most of our lives around the Rottweiler breed and we have three sons who have spent their entire lives around the Rottweiler breed.

When you are around a specific breed for most of your life, you learn to understand that breed on a much more personal level. You learn to understand why they do what they do. Are all Rottweilers the same? No, no, no! Different bloodlines, sex of the Rottweiler, and how they are raised, all play a tremendous role in what they become. Sure, you can read about Rottweilers online all day long, but I can guarantee you will still have questions unanswered when you are finished.

One of the most common questions I am asked is what is the difference between a German Rottweiler and an American Rottweiler? You can easily find about 50+ answers to this “simple” question on the internet, making it apparently the “hardest” question to answer about the Rottweiler breed. It drives me nuts! Show quality, pet quality, natural tails, docked tails, large puppies, runts, long snouts, short snouts, black rottweilers, albino rottweilers, red rottweilers, giant rottweilers, mini rottweilers… What???

My Rottweiler Blog is where I will be posting random, but useful, knowledge for anyone interested learning about this powerful breed. I will share stories of experience from our very first Rottweiler puppy to losing our oldest family companions, and every fun loving and hair pulling obstacles we faced in-between. Want to learn the TRUTH about the breed; then come read along with me in my Rottweiler Blog!

~ Written by LG

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my articles and for commenting on my blog. I appreciate that very much. I am also very happy to learn you enjoyed my work. You made my day. More articles coming soon. LG


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