Females Rule!

Hello DKV Rottweilers, how much are you male puppies? Good afternoon DKV, do you have any more male puppies available? Hey DKV, your female puppies online are beautiful but do you have any males available? All day long, this is what I read. Don’t get me wrong, male Rottweilers are impressive; especially from DKV Rottweilers! (had to add that) Big head, big body, muscular, intimidating… Have you seen our stud Conan? – I get it. But is a male the right sex for YOU and YOUR home?

Every day we get potential customers and 9 out of 10 times they are interested in a male Rottweiler – and only a male they say! Majority of the time these families are first time Rottweilers owners, they have small children, and they are looking for a family companion that will be protective over their children – and usually it’s Dad who chose the male. Just saying… it’s true. This is our most common scenario.

Being a responsible breeder, it is Angel’s duty to match, or at least recommend, the right puppy to each individual home that he feels will thrive the best. However, the customer does have the final say. This is why DKV Rottweilers “waiting list” for male puppies can reach over a year long at times. So I feel this is an important topic to touch, especially for the newbies.

1st Rottweiler – Based on the family scenario above, this Rottweiler will be their family’s first Rottweiler. Males are much stronger than females, larger in size than females, they test limits when testosterone kicks in, and they can become alpha if allowed. All that being said, a male requires an experienced handler. Not the best choice as a first Rottweiler, especially if you are not good at demonstrating authority.

Family Companion – Both male and female Rottweilers are great with children. However, males are very large in size. For example, males from DKV can average 125-145 lbs when exercised regularly and being kept trim – much larger if you are not strict with their diet. That is a lot of dog to handle for a 5 year old. You can expect lots of bumps and bruises from being knocked down; not out of aggression but out of simple strength and the fact that Rottweilers believe they are lap dogs.

Protector – The most common reason people want a male is to have a protector for their children. A male will definitely protect but a female will protect children even more. Come on y’all… it is in their maternal instinct. Males tend to be more territorial and protective over the home and property.

Intimidation – The next form of protection is simply keeping people away by intimidation. Males definitely have that won with their big ‘ol bubble heads and massive bodies. But don’t be so quick to judge. DKV Rottweiler females are extremely impressive. I have seen my females blow away “the other people’s” male Rottweilers on more than one occasion… just saying. That is the result of Angel being extremely selective with his breeding stock over the past 22 years. You don’t find females like DKV females at any Rottweiler kennel.

Man’s Best Friend – The last reason for the high demand of male puppies is usually because the macho man of the household wants that macho Rottweiler as his best friend to ride with him in his big truck and be best buddies for life. I know, my husband wants the same as well. The funny part is, most of these macho men contact DKV Rottweilers about 12 months down the road and are confused about how their buddy now belongs to their wife. They feed, bathe, and train their male Rottweiler, but that darn Rottweiler loves their wife more. That is because the old saying, opposite attracts, really DOES. After they purchase their second Rottweiler from DKV and experience the wonders of the female Rottweiler, I always laugh when I get that testimonial that says they never thought they could have had a bond with a dog as strong as they had with their female Rottweiler.

Now if this future Rottweiler is for the wonder woman of the home, then of course, BUY THE MALE Rottweiler. After all, females rule!!!

PS… I do LOVE male Rottweilers. Male Rottweilers are wonderful. They do require an experienced and firm handler. They do require someone with strength and authority. They are not right for every home. I just want that to be truly understood before you select a male, based on looks alone! (In the photo above, that is a female Rottweiler at only 2 years old.)

~ Written by Liz Gutierrez | DKV Rottweilers

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